A modular device which can be attached on a shopping cart and can be used to make payments directly using only a smart phone.

Build started: July 2014 (Beginning of 3rd year/Junior year)   Guide: Kshitij Marwah (MIT Media Lab India Initiative) Time Required: 1 Week.

This project was the part of my fellowship with the MIT Media Lab India Initiative and was demonstrated in front of Mr. Kishore Biyani , the CEO of Future Group. In this fellowship, the fellows had to provide solutions to the various problems which the retail shop industry is facing. This project attempts to do so.

The module present on the cart is made of an RFID reader and a micro-controller with a Bluetooth module. The RFID reader can be replaced using any kind product scanning device.

The cart doesn't need any modification as the module is self sufficient.

The cart doesn’t need any modification as the module is self sufficient.

Product Scanning Module

Product Scanning Module

After all the products which we want to buy have been scanned, we can checkout and pay directly from an app  on our Smart phone which is connected to the local wireless network. Following procedure is used to make the payment:

  1. Scan all the products which you want to buy using the Smart Cart.
  2. Connect your smart phone to the local wireless network using Wifi and then to the Smart Cart using Bluetooth.
  3. The Smart Cart will send a bill of all the scanned device to your phone which you can pay using your Debit/Credit Card and check out.

You can also pay using the free credit card reader Square. This makes shopping experience even faster as you can directly swipe the card on your smart phone using this device. Square is connected to your smart phone using the audio jack.


The complete video demonstrating this process can be seen below (Sorry for the terrible audio):

This project would not have been possible without the help of my friend and colleague Kaustubh Shivdikar.