An interface for shopping centers to automatically measure body size and to ergonomically use the area in a shopping center.

Guide: Kshitij Marwah (MIT Media Lab India Initiative)  Build Started: July 2014(Beginning of 3rd year/Junior year)   Time required: 3 weeks.

This project was the part of my fellowship with the MIT Media Lab India Initiative and was demonstrated in front of Mr. Kishore Biyani , the CEO of Future Group. In this fellowship, the fellows had to provide solutions to the various problems which the retail shop industry is facing. This project attempts to do so.

Problem: The world is facing lot of problems and amidst this, the biggest problem is the space crunch. Especially in a country like India with a billion people we have to value our space a lot. We decided to provide a solution to this problem from a retail stores point of view. Huge superstores are creeping up every where in the cities. These stores occupy a lot of space and hence need a lot of electricity, water and generators to run them and hence eventually increasing a lot of carbon emission.

Now, to solve the problem stated above we had to rethink about the way shopping is done. Especially in a clothing retail store, the clothes are kept at different sections which people pickup and go into the trial room and they try it on. If they like them, they buy them. We understood that its the trial room that convinced the customer to buy the clothes. So we thought that in future we could have stores with only trial rooms and our software.

 The software runs on computer which is connected to the TV. The TV displays all the clothes on the screen as shown in the below picture.

The complete setup

The complete setup

A Microsoft Kinect sensor is also connected to the computer. When the person stands in front of the screen and the sensor. With the help of the sensor, the software immediately detects your size and also provides suggestions to you. We can interact with the software using hand gestures as shown in the pic below:

Auto Try 2

The customer can select the clothes she likes and on selection of clothes the software guides her to the appropriate trial room thus eliminating any need for displaying actual clothes which occupy loads of space.

The video demonstrating the use of it is shown below:

Conclusion: Thus, this kind of a model of a shopping store can drastically reduce the amount of carbon footprint and the amount of space required by this store. In fact, this can lead to an increase in number of trial rooms and hence  can increase the sales also.