An augmented reality app to enhance the contents of books and foster learning

Built started: May 2014 (End of 2nd year/ Sophomore year) Duration: 2 Weeks.

Inspiration:  I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein

This project is made using the concept of augmented reality. We used a very popular game engine to produce augmented reality apps for android.  The app is used in such a way that when you are reading a book you just start this app and look at the page through the camera of your phone.The app scans the image and projects a 3d model or animation on that marker. Through the phone you see great 3D objects and animations which is visualization of the content you are reading on the page. For example in the first prototype we used a poem written on war between fantasy creatures. The marker was this:

The pattern to be detected


This is the poem:

The poem which will be portrayed by the app

The poem which will be portrayed by the app

After the recognition, you see the following through the app:

ar2It can be viewed from different angles:

ar3 ar4

On taking the camera to the marker closer and moving it you can actually move through the entire scene. Take a closer look at our zombie:


Cute zombie right?

So, this kind of learning will provide a very immersive and knowledgeable  experience for students of all ages. It will make learning difficult concepts very easy. This will cause them to think about stuff around them and in their books more creatively and in a fun manner.

You can watch the video:

This is only the software, in the later stages we are planning to build a small hardware equipment which allows you to interact with the 3D animations and objects. We will be uploading all our progress here.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without my team mates Kaustubh Shivdikar and Muthukumaran Vallinayagam.


This project was the topic of a TEDx talk at BITS Hyderabad which was given by my team mateKaustubh Shivdikar. Have a look: