Shubhankar Potdar

I am Shubhankar Potdar, a recent graduate in Electrical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai and this website showcases most of my projects, coursework and publications.

I am deeply fascinated by human cognition and want to understand how humans learn, perceive, actuate, plan, reason, build, remember, interact, interpret visual scenes and generate and understand language. I also want to give those abilities to computers and that is very hard, but the problem is so enthralling to me that it almost seems to be a crime not to try to solve it. I also feel that solving this problem can give us the tools to solve some of humanity’s biggest and toughest problems. Though the two endeavors may or may not have the same path, but if a single line could encapsulate them both then its:

                       What I cannot create, I do not understand.                                                                                   -Richard Feynman