Autonomous Navigation in Car-Like Mobile Robots

Real-time localisation, path-planning  and control in mobile robot.


Learning by demonstration in Humanoid Robots

A robot that learns how to physically interact with people by watching them interact with each other.


Space Time AR

An interactive app which uses augmented reality to showcase the features and specifications of products in a store.


Smart Cart

A modular device which can be attached on a shopping cart and can be used to make payments directly using only a smart phone.

Auto Try 2

Auto Try

An interface for shopping centers to automatically measure body size and to ergonomically use the area in a shopping center.


Augmented Story Telling

An augmented reality app to enhance the contents of books and foster learning



A software to make customized furniture and artifacts using CNC Router/ Laser Cutter.

Butler Robot

Butler Bot

A robot with the ability to track and follow people. It also responds to physical gestures and voice commands.

Ventral Side

PRO Board

An electric skateboard controlled using body weight.

Some tinkering…

Some very small and very old projects which I don’t want to forget 😛